Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cute and fast.

The above picture is Jacob. Seriously ... it's the best I could get. otherwise his pictures look like this.
He's the yellow blur following the green and red blurs. ... on a side note, when my computer crashed in December it took the last YEARS worth of pictures! I'm still searching through files hoping desperately to find more. But at the moment, the last backup of my pictures was the previous December. So if anybody has ANY pictures of my children from the last 12 months ... I'd be most grateful.
I had a really rough day yesterday. So when I got home Ben sent me to my room, and I was brought breakfast in bed. (Albeit at 6 at night). It was awesome! Bacon eggs and muffins. Clearly if mommy gets to eat in bed, Megan should too! She brought in her dinner, climbed up by me, and proceeded to eat. The boys were eating in the Kitchen, but mom wasn't. So she wouldn't. It was a wonderful dinner, just the two of us.
Brandon got himself a haircut recently. It was so funny watching him be a "big boy" sitting in the chair while Jenn cut his hair. He was so proud, and Jacob insisted that only Jenn gets to do his hair from now on. No more daddy hair cuts.

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