Monday, November 1, 2010

4 Years today!

It's Brandon's 4th birthday today. It amazes me that he could be that old already I guess sometimes kids grow up when you aren't looking. He's very thrilled that he's almost as old as Jacob now. (He doesn't realize yet that in two weeks Jacob will pull another year further away again).

I remember the day he was born, what a little angel he was. Even though he spent a week in the NICU, the nurses would tell me he was a good baby. Hardly ever cried. Although when he did, there was absolutely no doubt he wanted attention and he wanted it NOW. He had the piercing cry that no mother could ignore.

He's no longer a baby. He loves running, playing, and arguing with his brother and sister. They are best friends, but he has his own mind and won't go for a game where he's told exactly what to do. (Much to the chagrin of his older brother).

He loves cars, and is all boy. He's an opinionated little tyke. He does have another two years home before kindergarten though, because his birthday is later in the year. Although in two years he'll be going crazy from waiting around at home while his brother goes off to school.

Anyway. Brandon's Birthday; isn't he cute! The picture was taken Saturday .... I had a hard time finding a really recent picture. He tends to avoid the camera.