Friday, November 21, 2008

Good morning everybody!  Just a note to prove I'm still here.  (And I get sick of having the same entry on top every time I go to see who else has updated theirs).  

There's the boys reading, ignoring me.  (They really like background noise.  

Then Tiana's puppy Scout, isn't he darling?  And megan!  We love her too!  

And last but not least, I found this picture of Jacob.  WAY back when he was little.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brandon's Birthday!!!

On the left we have Brandon's birthday cake.  He is now Two!! 

On the right, Brandon in his wagon that Ben made 
for him.  He adores this wagon.  (I'll post more pictures of this thing). 

 Its' technically for the library, but in the last few days it's carried megan, Brandon, books, and just about everything else these kids can come up with.
Library time!
The boys had a lot of fun at 
The library 
the wagon got to carry books, videos, and basically make them feel "old."  

(Yes, Ben made it), and on the back is a license plate that says "Brandon."  Jacob has one too, but he won't get it until his birthday.  

Now we come to the fun stuff.  
On Sunday night, right after the cake, adrianna decided to "share" her medicine with Brandon.  

here he is, all wired.  It was actually kind of funny, he was so asleep that when we tried to sit him up to get the charcoal down him, his head flopped back like a rag doll.  

But alls well, and he's fine.  Leaving behind some nasty diapers, and some even better stories
That we get to tell his future girlfriends.