Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Westover Reunion

We just got back from the reunion, and we had SO much fun!!

This is brandon on the swings. He really seemed to enjoy them. When I asked if he was done, he'd say "uh-uh", and hold on really tight so I couldn't take him out. He knows what he wants!!!

Jacob just tired himself out. Ben sat him in the tent, and he crashed!!!

My favorite part of the reunion this year....

Aaron came home!!
He looks SO grown up!!

On the right is Brandon helping us get ready for the homecoming. (Otherwise known as "not a homecoming")

I guess he watched Daddy ironing. (For the record... the iron was turned OFF when he did this.)

Jacob was hiding under the table, and every few minutes he would pop up and steal a few more mandarin oranges. Guess he liked them.

On the right is Jacob and the crew he recruited to help steal food. They make quite a little army.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cute little Paulsen Monkeys

As I was getting the kids ready to go to the library, I suddenly could not find Jacob's booster seat. So I finished strapping in Brandon and Megan, then asked Jacob where it was.

"I had it".

"Where did you have it?"

"I'm sitting on it mommy!"

So there it was, he'd decided he was driving to the library. Luckily, he didn't complain when I told him that was NOT going to happen.

After the library we were cleaning up. Brandon decided that he wanted to help. This is the only way he's found to reach the top rack of the dishwasher. Not an approved method, but very effective none-the-less.

However, we've discovered that Brandon is MUCH happier if he gets to help mom. We even unload the dishwasher when it's DIRTY dishes!!

Next story (no picture, sorry!)... I had to stop quickly by Albertsons. When I only need one or two things, it's faster because they have cool "car carts." You know, the ones with a little car in the front the kids can "drive"?

Jacob was ecstatic we got to go to the "car store." However, when we got there, he told me he wanted to drive the "pink car." Luckily, it was available, and so he and Brandon drove the pink car, because it's MUCH cooler to drive a PINK car than a blue or purple one.
Here is Megan in a darlin little dress that Ben's mom made. Actually, it's for the other granddaughter that is the same age (Jean). However, since they are the same age, Megan gets to try it on.
When megan gets hers, it will have to be bigger, because she has a big neck, so it can't be done up in the back, but it's still really cute! (I'm sure it'll fit Jean though, because my kids are just larger than average). Plus, I had to take this picture because she was just CUTE in it!!
In other news....
Ben's mom is thrilled she was able to break open a geneology line this weekend. It belongs to my next door neighbor (this sweet little old lady named Aimee.) And she gave Bens mom some information, and suddenly there is tons of information.
Aimee told me the other day how sweet Mom (in law) is for doing this for her. She was very excited about it too!
That's all the news there isn't!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Occupational Therapist

The Occupational Therapist (OT) came out this morning to evaluate Brandon. According to him, Brandon is "within normal limits" according to everything OT related, except for language, of course, and his spinning.

His suggestion.... NOT to spin him. So I didn't, and he screamed for about half an hour, until I finally sat him in the chair. Ten minutes later he stopped screaming and I was able to calm him down enough TO spin him... poor kid.

Talking to mom, I decided that we'll still spin him at naptime and bedtime, but progressively slower. The cold turkey thing causes hysterics I don't have the eardrums for.

Then he went to sleep. As long as we get to spin, we're JUST fine!!

This is an old picture, but I love it anyway. jacob got into the hot chocolate mix a few weeks ago. I was in the living room with Brandon and Megan (the week megan got her first two teeth.)
So I suddenly smelled something... and it smelled yummy, so I checked it out. (As Ben was sleeping, this worried me.)
And he dumped out the WHOLE container, and decided it was fun! So we poured it on our hair, and our clothes, and wrote designs in the floor.
I had to empty the bathwater three times, because it was too chocolate to get him clean anymore!
Sorry about no Megan picture... we'll have some great ones for monday! :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July -whatever today is-

We did the "library thing" today. how fun!
My kids have a specific "library pattern." And as long as we stick with it, everybody is happy.
First: Find all library books, movies, etc.
- load up in the car
- drive to library.
Side note: The other day I asked Jacob to direct me to library... so he did! He showed me every turn, and even where I wasn't supposed to turn. He's only three!
- at the library, we first turn in the books.
THEN we go upstairs to the movie section, and both boys each pick out one or two movies.
(And mommy finds something tolerable too.)
We then go to the up-upstairs and get mommy a book.
then downstairs to the kids section for a kids book.
Then we look at the fish for a few minutes,
then we checkout.
Consequence for breaking this pattern....
royal meltdown!
I love my kids!
Oh, Jacobs imagination is getting better. There is now and invisible door between our living room and kitchen, and he has to open it. If I walk through this "door" without opening it, he gets upset.
Brandon said "Wa" (while pointing at water!!)
And megan can sit up now!
(Pictures to come.)
Love you all!