Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello. My name is inigo montoya, you kill my father. Prepare to die.

So my computer and me have been fighting. When I'm here, I either have no time to write, nothing to say, or the only place I have to write stuff is the "entry title" line, because my computer has decided the entry box shouldn't be allowed to be viewed. Go figure.

Jacob has been officially diagnosed with tourettes. I knew he had it, but the diagnosis makes it more final I guess. And honestly, I don't intend to do anything with the diagnosis unless he has problems in school and needs a service plan. lets hope that never happens, but should it happen, at least we have that there to get him the help he needs.

And the fall semester, it appears I'll have lots of hours, 20-30 a week! That means I'll have to buy a bus pass, because I'm not driving one hour drive, five days a week, each direction. Yeah, not gonna happen.

As for me ... well, I've been exhausted, cramping, and pretty miserable for months on end. Finally, with my monthly two months late, I went in. Cysts. Lots of them ... the right ovary has one as big as the ovary itself. which explains a lot, but doesn't make the cramping go away! Pity. (good that that anybody that reads this knows me ... cause now you get to listen to me whining!)

I love work. I love my kids. It's amazing how the two feed each other. As long as I have a chance to work, to prove to myself I'm capable of working, to give my mind time to stretch, I enjoy every second with the kids. I enjoy life. It's good for me. When I don't work, I have kids 24/7 ... I almost have a harder time.

I know being a stay at home mom is noble and all, but I can't do it. I don't have it in me to NOT work. It's too hard. I need to be out, and not just for the money. Its' for my sanity. honestly, you guys that stay at home 24/7, I admire you. I really do, because I've learned that emotionally, I'm a wreck when I'm home all the time.

The cysts ... hurt! I'm sorry for whining, but freak, they hurt!

So that's the short of things, Jacob's ticcing, I have cysts - and am definitely totally NOT pregnant, and the IUD is also definitely not in there. Remember a few months back when they couldn't find the IUD? Well, last week the Dr. did a complete evaluation of my insides to search for the pain. They found the cysts ... and between the external and internal ultrasounds ... yeah, there is SO not a baby in there, and the IUD is not there either. So who knows what is going on. My biggest worry now, with the cysts, can I get pregnant again?

My family is not complete. I feel deep inside, I am missing somebody. One more child. But can I get them here?

Got a new Internet card ... for work I need Internet access, I can't live without it. So I finally had to replace the lost one. And honestly, I like this one better. It hooks up differently, and is a lot less likely to break. (A good thing when I have three kids).

what am I forgetting? Oh yeah ... the reunion! Lets talk about cool ... the westover reunion was last week, and I honestly enjoyed it. So did the kids. But putting them inside now? They don't like that idea so much. They have enjoyed being free to run. Brandon has grown up a lot though, today he told me he was ready for a nap. So I laid him down, and he went to sleep. I was shocked!

Well, that's all the news there isn't. Love you!