Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dream Jobs 101

Alright, here I'm listing a few jobs that are rewarding, entertaining, and wonderful in their own right .... ready? Although I'm a mom and a transcriber, the rest are just cool.

Transcriber: woohoo! Dream job! I get paid to go to class, NOT do homework or tests, learn awesome stuff!
Pro: go to classes I never would have taken, and learn really awesome stuff.
Con: I don't get to play with the cool toys, like transistors, resistors, and computers!

Think Geek Product Tester:
Hey, I'm a transcriber! I should wear their "I void warrantees" shirt, I am rough on everything. I love looking through the totally awesome stuff on their website (, and there are some stuff I would have so much fun playing ... err.... working with ......
Now if only they had something really cool as a laptop case that stays on when it opens, you know what I mean? Holes in the back for cords to go in where they belong, and little pockets so you can put flash drives and other stuff you need in little pockets. Cause I hate searching in my bag for a flash drive, or where the heck does my Internet card go when it's in use? (Attached to computer with a short cord. It ends up on my lap or keyboard)
Pros: find cool problems and play with cool stuff. get to give feedback that people read.
Con: trying to think of nice ways to Say, "yeah, this product is awful," or "somehow I broke your two hundred dollar toy, and I don't know how to fix it!"
Ok, this isn't even a job that people need to get paid for, it's fun it it's own right! The paycheck is a bonus!

Mom: yeah, it's awesome. Get to play with the kids, and their "I love you" is the best reward a woman can ask for!
Pro: you can't get fired, and rewards are endless.
Con: you can't get fired, and never get breaks, but we love it anyway.

Wouldn't it be cool for people to care about what you write?
Pro: people pay attention to you!
Con: what happens when you get writers block?

and times up, gotta head to work!