Friday, January 15, 2010

House Husband

Although Ben has been staying home with the kids since he lost his job and I went to work, this is a little different.

I'll be working nearly full time, while he stays home with the monkeys. Day in, day out. And somehow, I still need to be a mother, and do something at home.

In a way, I'm relieved, he's always had a way of getting things done at home that I can't. I can come home from work, and the kids are happy, fed, and the house is clean.

Including the laundry! I helped with the laundry the other day, and realized quickly that I am not supposed to touch the laundry anymore. Everything I folded, wasn't folded right! And I put things in the wrong piles!

So final opinion? he does a better job than I do at home. So I guess this sojourn into working while having a full time daddy at home .... will be for the best!

And the best part ... he mates socks!