Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adventures of the tooth fairy

Twice in one week, bet you're shocked!! Jacob lost his top front tooth last night. He was so excited, (and the other one is going to follow any minute now, it's VERY loose). I'll get a really good shot when I get home, this is the one daddy got so I had some proof they don't really fall out "at the same time" .....

Last night the tooth fairy had to show up .... my best friend randomly commented that she had a few Bakugan she found in her garage, and I jumped at the chance!!! We instituted a "the tooth goes in a bag so the tooth fairy can find it" rule, and this morning he found the bag with 3 shiny quarters, and one little Bakugan. (Daddy saved the cards and the other 2 for bribery/later teeth).

He ran into our room jumping up and down that the tooth fairy gave him a Bakugan! He gave two of his quarters to his brother (which he'd said he was going to do, which was why the tooth fairy was so nice), gave one quarter to his sister, and kept the Bakugan. (Boy, what a surprise).

A few minutes later I hear a gasp that could only be a child gagging or hyperventilating. I jump out of bed, RUN to the living room, and find him with his mouth wide open, "Mommy," he whispered, "look what it turns into!!!" (It's an exceptionally awesome one that has a snakelike neck).

sadly, I have the sneaking suspicion the tooth fairy will be visiting again tonight for the other top tooth. But nothing can be as cool as finding a new Bakugan toy under your pillow. .... I never considered using little toys until yesterday, it turns out the kids are more excited for those than money, who would have guessed?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Family pictures

we did family pictures this weekend, and it was SO fun. The kids are growing like little weeds, and cute as anything. (Not that I'm biased). Just wanted to share a couple of these shots I got with my phone, eventually I will post the real family pictures.
This is the kids afterwards, as all the children decided to stick their feet in the VERY cold stream.
and this was too cute not to share! My husband and my daughter. :-)