Friday, October 24, 2008

 This picture was taken at Shalene's reception, I don't know/remember who took it, but I like it anyway!!  Jacob has a funny look on his face though.

From left to right (back first), for those that need help, 
Ben, Megan, Me (Laura), Brandon, and Jacob is in front.

Love you all!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shalene got married, aren't they a cute couple???

The table on the right just made me smile.  I love the way the wood makes the heart.

That's all I wanted to say.  I just wanted to post a wedding picture.

(I have quite a few, I put together a slide show for the reception.)

Out by the skin of my teeth.

I know this isn't really "family" related....

But I talked an old co-worker today.  I worked with her at century 21, up until a month and a half ago.  She was let go today, so was all of customer service, and the receptionist, and the relocation assistant.

What will they do with  no receptionist?  What will they do with no customer service?  What will Melissa do with no job?  

And not just "let go", but the supervisor (not the boss), came in teary eyed to inform them the phone guys would be there in an hour to switch over the phones and they were out of a job.  The supervisor's assistant was her daughter, (also let go.)

So the boss saw one of the other girls come in an hour later, and didn't tell her.  He even said hi.  He waited for the supervisor to come in there and tell her she's out of a job.


I feel bad for them though.  I'm just grateful I switched jobs before this happened.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick update

Well Well well, I"m falling behind here.

So while I'm waiting for a late student... here I go.

Ben: Loves work, very happy with it.  

Laura: LOVES work, and is spending WAY too much of her "spare time" on campus (meaning lunch time) reading really dumb websites like "" (which is awesome), and an online comic strip that tends to be rather off color on occasion, but is still really funny.

Oh, and the "what not to crochet", that's funny too.

Jacob: Still potty training... still..... still.... 

Brandon: Is learning to say "NO" to Jacob.  "Brandon, come play this."  "No".  "Can I have that?"  No.  etc. It's really funny.

Megan: Is on the verge of crawling!  YAY!!!  Still not rolling over, but she's starting to try to crawl.  I guess she is definetely her own girl.  But honestly, what's the point of rolling over, it's like a dog showing it's stomach to a rabid wolf.  In this case, a brother.  Shes safer on her stomach than on her back.

Love you all!