Monday, June 21, 2010

The little daredevil and fathers day

Saturday was busy. The kids had activity day in the morning, and we went swimming in the afternoon. Swimming; two adults, three children. And each as different as night and day.
Currently? Jacob would wade as far as he could, grab the edge, play a little, splash, and come back. Brandon sat on the edge and refused to touch the water, and Megan realized that she could walk in water.

By the time we finished; Brandon had worked his way to the third stair down. (Which means he got wet all the way to his waist! He was even leaning over playing in the water, but under no condition would he even allow anybody to carry him in the water).

Megan on the other hand; would walk as far as she could. Try to keep going, and so we'd pick her up and carry her for a minute. She'd try to get down, even though her feet couldn't touch. So we'd turn around, walk back to where she could reach, and set her back down. She'd walk back to Brandon, turn around, and head back out. Fighting off anybody who tried to hold her hand or help her walk.

This is after we got out and dressed.
If you look into her eyes, you can see she's still clearly blaming me for daring to take her out of the water. The boys were ready to go, she would rather stay in the water ALL day ....

At the primary activity day the boys decorated ties for daddy. :-)
Ben wore both of them on Sunday. He even pinned the line between them so both would remain seen all day at church! Church was hilarious! One dad had 5 primary aged kids, so he had five ties around his neck. Most only had 2-3. (A few grandpas leeched one off a daddy so the daddy didn't have so many).

Awesome idea! And very brave dads. It did come with a really cute poem about how much they love daddy. My favorite line, "wait 'til you see what the other kids made."

The dad's obviously love their kids, and it was SO interesting!