Monday, December 6, 2010

Da little Drama Queen

Today I promised Megan some one on one time. While cuddling her, I promised she could go to the store with me today. Just me and her. Time got away from me and when ben got home from taking my nephews home at about 9:15, it was time for me to go. The kids were almost asleep, but Megan somehow still heard Ben telling me he was home and I could leave.

Suddenly she was up, grinning, looking for her boots. Even though it was well past bedtime, I decided to let her go. After all, I'd promised.

On the way to the store we chatted, and at the store she was laughing, happy and having a grand time. Until we hit the checkout. At the checkout she put her head on her hands and looked so tired. She gave them the look that clearly said, "poor me, my mom has me out so late and I'd much rather be in bed."

Of course, she got the sympathy she wanted. The second we walked out of the store, she was all smiles again. Bouncing with the beat of the Christmas music in the car, laughing, and in a very good mood.

Don't get me wrong, she was tired, but not nearly as tired as she appeared at the checkout. *sigh.*

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Elaina said...

oh yes I remember those times been there done that earned that merit badge.