Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brandon. Not Benjamin!!!

at the beginning of the new year, Brandon moved up to a new class in primary. While trying to get 65+ children in their correct classes, somehow the name was messed up, and the roll says "Benjamin Paulsen" was in the four year old class ...

Brandon is still in speech. He's come a long way, but for those that haven't met him before, he's still hard to understand. ... so for three weeks his class must have sounded something like this, (while taking roll) ..
Teacher: "Benjamin?" [no answer]
other class Mate: [pointing.]
Brandon: it's Brandon. Not Benjamin."
Teacher: [not having a clue] ... OK ... Benjamins here.
Brandon: [near tears] my name is Brandon James paulsen.
Teacher: OK Benjamin ....

It was near the end of the month when Brandon complained to us in tears, explaining the problem. We talked to the teacher and corrected the problem. Poor kid. After we explained the mixup, they understood his real name better, because they knew what they were listening to.

He's now called "Brandon" and primary class is much better for him.

he got his first book of Mormon today, and he jumped up and down. He was so excited to get his OWN scriptures with his name on them. The first thing he did was flip through the pages to find the picture of Christ. Because finding Jesus Christ was the most important thing in the scriptures. I couldn't argue with him. He's right.

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