Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My babies

My babies aren't quite so little any longer. Would you believe this was 2.5 years ago?

Jacob is in scouts, and loving every minute. He got his bobcat recently and thinks tiger scouts is the coolest thing ever!!

Brandon is finding himself in the time while his brother is at school. Without an older brother, he's been able to play dolls with Megan, and watch the shows HE wants. (Which aren't Pokemon). He's growing up, and it's hard to believe he's nearly 5!

Megan is finally potty trained, and rather clingy. She loves girl stuff, pink, purses, and everything of the sort. Wow, don't know how she grew so girly.

Ben and I have new callings. He's in Webelos, and I'm the cub committee chair. (Which means I'm not as cool as the cub leaders, but I get to try to lead the leaders). Anyway, sorry for the lack of update!!

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